Microsoft 365 : goldenfive Cloud

Power BI Pro

(annual commitment)

Power BI Premium

(annual commitment)

Included with Office 365 Enterprise E5 done
Licensed per user done
Licensed by dedicated cloud compute and storage resources done
On-premises reporting through Power BI Report Server done
Compute processing environment Shared Dedicated
Deploy Power BI content to multiple regions done
Incremental data refresh done
Publish reports to be shared done
Widespread distribution of content without requiring a Power BI Pro license for content consumers done
Publish and consume paginated reports in Power BI done
Allocate compute resources done
Monitor performance of dedicated compute and memory resources done
Maximum size of individual dataset 1G 10G
Maximum storage 10 G per user 100 TB
Maximum number of automatic refreshes per day 8 48
Store Power BI data to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 done
Cloud service done done
Select a chosen home region datacenter for your data processing environment done done
Monitor content creation, consumption, and publishing with user metrics done done
Data security and encryption done done
Meets industry, global, regional, and government certifications done done
Available in Microsoft national clouds done done
AI-powered data modeling using AutoML, Cognitive Services, and Azure Machine Learning done
Creation of data visualizations, reports, and dashboards done done
Standard and big data prep and ETL done done
Access to a library of Power BI visuals and the custom visual SDK done done
Access to data connectors for cloud and on-premises data sources done done
Out-of-the-box visualizations, themes, and personalization options done done
Paginated reports provide fixed-layout documents optimized for printing and archiving done
Analyze data in Microsoft Excel done done
Embed content in other interfaces like Teams, SharePoint, and other SaaS applications done done
View and interact with Power BI content done done
View and interact with Power BI content through the Power BI mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows done done
Ask questions about data to get immediate answers and personalize definitions so Power BI understands your business language including acronyms. done done
Subscribe to reports for notifications about changes done done
View Power BI content in other interfaces done done